daneson: flavoured sustainable birch toothpicks

Daneson makes small batch flavoured toothpicks. They only use premium natural ingredients like essential oils and single malt scotch. These oils give their sticks a subtle aroma and an experience that is unique from batch to batch and that changes over time much like a fine wine. The reason their toothpicks are bone-white is because they are made from veneer quality A-Grade wood milled from northern white birch in America.  
A toothpick is more than just a toothpick. With the right recipe a Daneson can bring back memories, relax the mind, complete a meal, or distinguish a character.  
Their TRADITIONAL batch premium toothpicks are just that - traditional. These recipes use all natural and often local ingredients blended in such a way as to bring you flavours that are welcoming and respected for how they can make you feel.  Enjoy!