sheffield skin care: 100% natural handmade skincare

Sheffield Skincare Company is a Sheffield based company. Their mission is to create products that are all 100% natural and their promise to you is to always stick to that mission. 
All their products are:
Free from preservatives
Free from alcohol
Free from petroleum derivatives
Free from synthetic fragrances and colours
The only ingredients you will find in their products are from four basic ingredients:
Base oils and butters
Essential oils
Natural additives
All the products are handmade (not a machine in sight) in small batches to provide you with the freshest ingredients possible. Sheffield Skin Care grows many of the herbs used in their products on their family allotment ensuring fresh home grown ingredients straight to you the customer. You may be questioning the names of their products and what they mean. Their product names come from local Sheffield sayings or are named after places in Sheffield, their aim is to create a true Sheffield brand and express their passion for the place I live.